Patented drawn spring steel wire

Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH relies on state-of-the-art means of the metal-mechanic technology and organizes them in process-oriented operational procedures.

Quality certifications guarantee consistent and efficient procedures in our plants. In our quality system, all work processes and procedures are described in detail.

With our forward-looking investment program we exploit technical advancements to improve the quality and sustained reliability of our products.

Our optimally trained employees manufacture quality products conforming strictly to international and national standards as well as to our customers' specifications. This includes e.g. special tolerances for customized diameters and tensile strength.

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Musical strings

Röslau steel string wire for violins, guitars and other string and plucking instruments.
wire-Ø: 0,07mm - 0,67mm


wire-Ø: mm

Mechanically polished

0,20 - 0,67

Hot-dip tinned

0,20 - 0,67


Röslau piano string wire
wire-Ø: 0,675mm - 1,60mm


wire-Ø: mm

Mechanically polished

0,675 - 1,60

Hot-dip tinned

0,65 - 1,60

gold & nickel plated

on request

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Special products


Special Wires

wire-Ø mm

Röslau FS1/FS2 for Flat Rolling

on request

Röslau FS 3 switch spring wire

on request

Röslau FS 4 according to ASTMA A 228

0,102 - 6,00

QQW 470b


Patented drawn SiCr
– alloyed Spring Steel Wire

on request

Röslau Wire for Oil Seals

0,18 - 0,80

Straightened bars

0,20 - 3,00



Phosphated drawn

0,07 - 6,00

Mechanically polished

0,20 - 6,00

Hot-dip tinned

0,20 - 2,00


Sonderqualität SiCr Pat (N) / SiCr Pat (H)

Silizium‐Chrom‐legierter Federstahldraht patentiert und federhart gezogen

Für den Einsatz in anspruchsvollen Zug‐, Druck‐ und Drehfedern mit hohen Anforderungen an die Relaxationsbeständigkeit und Warmfestigkeit.

Die von patentiert gezogenen Federstahldrähten gewohnte Gleichmäßigkeit und gute Verarbeitbarkeit wird auch hier durch die spezielle Wärmebehandlung erreicht.

Die Legierungselemente Silizium und Chrom führen zu der verbesserten Relaxations‐ und Temperaturbeständigkeit. Bei dieser Sonderqualität werden die Vorteile der kostengünstigen patentiert gezogenen Materialien mit dem anspruchsvollen, höherwertigen SiCr‐legierten Federstahldraht vereint.


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Highest quality thanks to competent employees

At Roeslau Wire, the principle of quality is consistently applied. It is part of the corporate philosophy and firmly anchored in all core areas. Our awards from INA Schaeffler, Eaton, VDFI, etc. prove this.
In addition, intensive research and development work ensures strong innovative strength.

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