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SDW Röslau supplies future markets

SDW Röslau is a global supplier of high-strength patented and oil tempered spring steel wires (Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG), musical strings and related services for the supplying industry of the automotive sector(wire industry), the musical strings sector and other industries.

SDW Röslau provides wires in different shapes (round, oval, multi arc, hexagonal, etc.) andwith varying coatings (gold plated, tin plated, zinc plated and nickel plated).

SDW Röslau aims to constantly advance its customers’ applications.

SDW Röslau is characterized by its excellent competencies in the production of steel wireand its comprehensive insight into usage conditions and technical backgrounds on thecustomer’s side. Thanks to its partner companies,

SDW Röslau benefits from a very good product value chainin this industry, which offers us valuable synergies and potential:

Our Vision, Mission, Strategy and Core Values

Our Vision:
SDW Röslau strives for further growth and is a global partner for high-strength and oil tempered spring steel wires in different shapes (round, oval, multi arc, hexagonal, etc.) as well as for musical strings with various levels of refinement.

Our Core Values:
SDW Röslau convinces its customers with zero-tolerance quality, speediness and reliability, environmental awareness, social responsibility and content, committed employees.

Our Mission:
SDW Röslau is a real live wire.

Our Strategy:
SDW Röslau grows through quality.

At SDW Röslau, origin and future are closely connected. Since 1882, the ability to change has been one of the characteristics of our company. This sense for new market developments and customer needs has made change a principle and success a constant of our company.

However, despite all changes:
You can always rely on SDW Röslau. Consistent values serve as orientation and make corporate behavior calculable.

The brand Röslau

The brand Röslau, which incorporates an abundance of activities, products and services, is based on a corporate identity characterized by a high level of understanding for quality, close customer relationships, customer focus, tradition and innovation.

The umbrella brand Röslau is a signal.

It is rational marketing and emotional orientation at the same time. It conveys consistency and reliability. It differentiates the company and its services from its competitors and expresses individuality.

Röslau represents distinction from and likewise affiliation with a powerful community.

Competence with Tradition

The history of SDW Röslau GmbH is characterized by tradition and rapid progress.
The company was founded in 1882 by the Bongardt brothers from Hohenlimburg/Westphalia.

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