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Presentation SDW- / RW-operating model

SDW/RW are global suppliers of products, solutions and services for the automotive supply industry (spring sector) und further industries. Our portfolio contains the production of patented and oil-tempered spring steel wires in all shapes (round, oval, multiArc, hexagonal, etc.) and with different surfaces (gold plated, tin coated, nickel plated, etc.). With about 150 employees within our both companies at the site in Röslau we gained in 2018 a total turnover of approx. 28 million Euro.

We have set ourselves the target, of being successful in the market in a long term and thereby create an excess value for our shareholders. With a high level of commitment a in adherence to our compliance-standards we achieve the greatest possible customer benefit through top performance in quality and service. We develop and manufacture technically mature products and solutions, which are increasingly used in environmentally friendly technologies.

Future-oriented, high-quality and environmentally friendly innovations are a fundamental building block for sustainable groth in SDW and RW. In both companies we have a powerful innovation organisation (LEAN-philosophy). The aim is, to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

Key data SDW & RW

Turnover: 28 Mio. Euro 150 employees
Turnover: 13 Mio. Euro Turnover: 15 Mio. Euro
employees 115 employees 35

Stahl- und Drahtwerk Roeslau

Sustainability strategy

Sustainable value creation is a key stone of the business activity of SDW and RW.
Our sustainability strategy is based on three pillars:

  • economical responsibility
  • social responsibility
  • ecological responsibility

As a global supplier of products, solutions and services within the automotive supply sector and further industries, sustainability has a special significant value for SDW and RW.

In our understanding it means both, a long-term and profit-oriented corporate development (economical components) as well as the adoption of social and ecological responsibility. The aim is, to balance the requirements resulting from these three areas. Consequently we want to ensure stability, secure the future of our companies and make a contribution to a sustainable development of economy and society.

The foundation of the SDW-/RW-sustainability management is created by our selfcommitment and valid guidelines. We have made it our task to ensure that human rights, environmental protection and recognised working standards are observed.

Our compliance-guidelines are particularly essential. Within both companies (SDW/RW) additionally environment- (ISO 14001) and energy management systems (ISO 50001) are installed.

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