official shareholders' meeting

This year, before the official shareholders' meeting, a factory tour took place in Röslau.

From left to right: Mr. Ph. Niemann, Dr. Ing. Niemann, Dr. Zabel, Mrs. Zabel, Mr. E. Zabel, Mrs. Wittenburg, Mr. Mösl, Mrs. Wunderlich-Rein, Mrs. Scheurenbrand, Mr. Schelter, Mrs. Steinbach-El Deeb, Mr. El Deeb, Mr. Scheurenbrand, Mr. Breuning, Mr. Ferfers, Mr. Scherzer, Mr. Betz

care association anniversary

The 90th meeting of the registered care association of the STAHL- UND DRAHTWERK RÖSLAU GMBH took place in May 2019.
Because of this anniversary the meeting was held in a festive setting at the restaurant “Wirtshaus Glässl im Gut”.

Back row: Mr. Gleissner, Mr. Popp, Mr. Wunderlich
Second row from the back: Mr. Yilmaz, Mrs. Scherzer-Kaufmann
Second row from the front: Mr. Ferfers, Mrs. Brunner
Front row: Mrs. Wunderlich-Rein, Mrs. Anger, Mr. Mösl

secondary modern school Gefrees for company tour

Secondary modern school Gefrees for company tour

At the beginning of December 2018, 30 pupils of the 8th grade of the secondary school Gefrees with their teacher, Mrs. Susanne Ströhl and the deputy principal, Mr. Sebastian Leßner, visited the steel and wire works in Röslau.

The manufacturing process was made transparent for the three small groups. During a tour of our production facilities, we showed visitors how our products are made. Here the pupils could experience different production stages live. The factory tour lasted about 60 minutes and included a snack.

On the left: Plant manager Hans-Dieter Wölfel, class leader Susanne Ströhl, vice principal Sebastian Leßner, right: Sedat Demir (production master)

Company tour by Prof. Wolfgang Manz

Company tour by Prof. Wolfgang Manz

On 6 September 2018, the well-known German pianist Prof. Wolfgang Manz (right in the picture) with the piano teacher Julia Goldstein (5th from left) and the master class was on their way to a concert in Marktredwitz.

The ladies and gentlemen have made a stop at the steel and wire factory in Röslau. During a factory tour our sales manager, Mr. Gerald Gleissner (left), was able to show the master class how piano strings are made and refined.

50 years with Stahl- und Drahtwerk Roeslau

Angelika Weiße spent her entire working life at Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH.

Angelika Weiße feels comfortable at her workplace at Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH - even after 50 years with the company. Her retirement is not planned until the end of the year.

Not everyone manages to work for half a century in the same company: Angelika Weiße has succeeded. As the oldest employee in the company, she was now able to accept the congratulations of the management, works council, personnel and purchasing management.

Born in Röslau, she began her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at the age of 14 on 1 August 1968 and worked in many departments. After her apprenticeship she was employed in company accounting and purchasing. Weiße never grasped the idea of working for another employer: "I didn't have to do anything new, I had it all here," she says. She currently works until the end of the year and then goes into well-earned retirement. "I have no concerns that boredom will arise. There are plenty of opportunities to get busy.

From left to right: Willi-Josef Ferfers (Managing Director); Angelika Weiße (jubilee); Michaela Hübner (Purchasing Manager); Nadine Anger (Works Council Member) and Robert Popp (Personnel Manager.)

Niendorf grand piano and piano factory GmbH

New concert grand piano No. 275 presented

The new concert grand 275 of Niendorf Flügel- und Klavierfabrik GmbH in Luckenwalde was unveiled on 07 September 2017 at 7 p.m. sharp. The strings of Stahl- und Drahtwerk Röslau GmbH are used in this grand piano. Mr. Willi-Josef Ferfers was invited to the premiere.

The world-famous 88-year-old pianist Jörg Demus presented the sound of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven to the audience. Afterwards, the pianist praised the instrument - it had fulfilled his expectations.

Visit of the Working Group Quality Management

Visit of the Working Group Quality Management

On 09 March 2017, the quality management working group visited the Röslau steel and wire works (SDW) with 15 participants.

The SDW product range includes patented drawn and oil tempered spring steel wire in the dimensional range from 0.07 mm to 6 mm wire diameter. SDW's product range includes patented wire rod bearings, pickling, wire peeling for the higher grades, drawing including the patenting process, some wire testing (including eddy current testing) and, finally, assembly was inspected.

Our employees and the QM working group exchanged information on the product, the quality management system and quality assurance.

The QM working group also exchanged experience on the new edition of IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015.