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Highest-Quality Wire

In all our activities, our self-understanding is characterized by highest quality – from the development and manufacture of products and solutions through to distribution and services.

Anyone speaking about patented or oil-tempered spring steel wires (Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG) and musical wires cannot do so without mentioning SDW Röslau – since more than 130 years. Our employees maintain excellent relationships with the customers, suppliers, the media and all other business partners.

We offer wires of the most different kinds, permanently available and always at the highest level of quality. This is how we achieve a comprehensive understanding of quality with multifaceted customer value.

This dependability, reliability and longevity in everything we do is what we strive for and what we mean when talking about “highest-quality wire”.

Research and Development

Stahl- und Drahtwerk Roeslau

R & D has always been of great importance to SDW Röslau.

Not only does it create the fundamentals for innovation, but it also provides for the development of new materials, production processes and products, particularly in the production of oil-tempered valve spring steel wires (Roeslau Wire GmbH & Co. KG) and high-strength spring steel wires as well as musical strings.

Oftentimes current requirements of the market or individual customers are the driving force behind this. Our newly created department for product and process development (technical customer support) – without connection to day-to-day business – engages in trials and R & D projects, in some cases exceeding the classic core competencies of SDW Röslau. This creates new possibilities to build an even broader base for the services offered by SDW Röslau and to further increase the company’s competitiveness in the future.

Regarding particular development projects, such as the improvement of material properties or the optimization of spring characteristics, SDW Röslau has increased its cooperation with the technical universities of Ilmenau, Freiberg and Darmstadt.

The future in our sights

We worked on these R & D projects:

1. Optimization of the tempering process for SiCr alloyed spring steel wire in combination with the thermal treatment of highly resilient springs manufactured thereof
2. Function and production relevant parameters for spring steel wire and steel tape
3. Impact of coatings on running performance and deformability behavior of spring steel wires on spring coiling machines
4. Analysis of the impact of materials and production on the VHCF behavior of helical compression springs
5. Optimization of the strength and deformability behavior of SiCr alloyed oil-tempered spring steel wires, aiming to improve their processing and application properties
6. Patented cold drawn steel wires for primarily statically stressed springs with improved performance characteristics
7. Very high cycle fatigue behavior of helical compression springs
8. Long term stability of the mechanical parameters of patented drawn steel wires
9. Evaluation of fatigue resistance and relaxation diagrams for highly stressed helical compression springs
10. Technology for the further development of the quality and processability of spring wire through knowledge of its deformability behavior

All oil quenched and tempered products are produced by our subsidiary Roeslau Wire GmbH.


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